flooring options for your damp basement

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Five Things You Can Do With Vinyl Waterproof Flooring That You Can’t With Other Floors

22 March 2018
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Waterproof flooring, specifically wood-look vinyl flooring, is an amazing product. In addition to reducing cleaning and tidiness worries, there is so much more you can do and so many things you can allow on this type flooring. Some other types of wood-look flooring are only waterproof to a certain point, but after a while they lose that ability. The following things you can do or allow to happen on vinyl flooring that you cannot do or allow on other types of waterproof flooring. Read More …

How Regular Cleaning Of Your Commercial Floor Drain Can Prevent Clogs

27 December 2017
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If you are a commercial property owner, then plumbing and drain cleaning are things you probably do not think about everyday. It is easy to neglect commercial floor drains when it is not an urgent matter. Some people get in trouble because they allow too much time to go in between the cleanings. Read on to find out how regular cleaning of your commercial floor drain can prevent clogs. Make Sure Liquids Properly Drain Read More …

Installing Carpeting In Some Rooms Of Your Home? Tips For Blending Carpet With Hardwood

30 October 2017
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Are you planning on installing carpeting in only some of the rooms in your home? If so, you may be concerned about how the new carpet and the remaining hardwood will blend together. Using both flooring materials will not seem as mismatched as you imagine it will, and there are some ways you can help blend the two materials together. Rugs You can always use a rug so that half of it covers the new carpeting and the other half covers the hardwood. Read More …

Worried About The Look Of Your Office? 4 Signs It’s Time For New Carpeting

23 July 2017
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If your office doesn't look as nice as you'd like it to, it might be time to have new carpeting installed. You might not realize this, but new carpeting can change the entire look, and feel, of your office. If you don't think you need new carpeting, you might want to think again. Here are four reasons why new carpeting is exactly what you need for your office: Your Carpeting Still Stinks After a Cleaning Read More …

Is Your Hardwood Flooring Stained? Know How It Can Be Fixed

28 June 2017
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You may have decided to use hardwood flooring throughout your home because it is much more resistant to staining than carpeting. However, stains can even occur to hardwood that are difficult to remove. Here is how to fix problems with hardwood staining. Water Related Stains Water is a big problem with hardwood flooring. You'll noticed that the moisture on the wood can cause the wood to become discolored and pulpy. Any pulp on the floor will need to be scraped away so that the area underneath the damaged wood can dry. Read More …